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August 29, 2006:

Upload of the Lonelygirl15 video entitled "Swimming!" where we first learn of the character named Cassie.

September 11, 2006:

Virginia Heffernan posts in her Screens blog :

"And soon we might see two plots diverge. Two lonelygirl15’s? Look for a renegade plot to show up in videos on YouTube, using much of the lg15 mise-en-scene. Including the swimming hole! Will fans follow the new plot? Can a new plotline restore some of the sheen of verisimilitude, which was the beauty of the original, before it overnight came to seem all overthought and agented?"

September 12, 2006:

- Virginia Heffernan then posts in her Screens blog :

"A renegade lonelygirl-spinoff, which has some attenuated ties to the original, is underway; look for cassieiswatching’s “This Is My Story Now” on YouTube."

- "Cassieiswatching" is created at youtube with the comment "Bree lies".

"This Is My Story Now" video is posted under the cassieiswatching username.

Cassieiswatching comments on her video with "help me ".

(the comment was replaced ???times, the last change being "right there above you" repeated)

September 13, 2006:

- Kemlite posts a video response on Youtube saying that he would be going to retrieve the bag Friday morning. (The YouTube video was removed by the user)

September 14, 2006:

- Nemvirus uploads the video of his failed search.

- Kemlite claims he had been given a "serious clue" from the Youtube Cassie. He would not reveal it.

Cu Roi reveals that he also got the clue, and shows 

- That clue was then added to Youtube cassieiswatching's profile.

- is discovered. g ho

- Myspace cassieiswatching claims that there are two cards needing to be found.

September 15, 2006:

- NillaWafers posts a video of her first outing to retrieve the bag.

- ChildOfTheCult7 posts a video of his.

- Nos claims to be Cu Roi's contact, and let's us know that he has the bag, and is editing the video.

- NillaWafers posts a video of her second attempt, only finding a note left by Cu Roi.

- Ebay auction is found supposedly selling the cards with the "answers for Bree".

Cu Roi posts the video of himself finding the bag.

Youtube Cassieiswatching changes comment to:


- Cu Roi claims that ChildOfTheCult7's video was merely someone filming him searching for the bag.

- Cu Roi posts pictures of the "Judgement" card at: and

September 16, 2006:

Youtube Cassieiswatching's comment changed to:

"i am the only cassie

myspace lies

i don't play cards "

- is found. When questioned, the owner says he is unsure if he would be developing the official site or a forum for the Cassie plotline, but he figured he would jump on it.

- The Myspace Cassieiswatching posts pictures to as well as the text:

"fools" "hound of the battlefield keeps the box" "two cards are found" and "TALISMAN OF GRIEF"

- Cassieiswatching Ebay seller adds this picture to the auction:

- NillaWafers posted a video of all the footage shot during her "hunt":

September 17, 2006:

- ChildOfTheCult7 uploads another video on Youtube entitled "The 8th is near".

New cassieiswatching video uploaded to Youtube entitled, "When I Get To The Bottom Where I Stop".

- Description on the newest video is a link.    

- Cu Roi informs us that he is on his way to the park right now.

- Myspace Cassie adds "jewelry lies" to the about me section. Also links to with the phrase "two cards are found". And then links to with the phrase "come and get it"

- Nonoctave uploads the reversed and inverted version of "When I Get To The Bottom Where I Stop". (The YouTube video has been removed by the user)

Cu Roi returned with the news that he did not find anything at the park.

Description on "When I Get To The Bottom Where I Stop" changed to include

Cu Roi informs us that he is heading out once again to check the park.

- Nos has updated us with the info that Cu Roi has the clue and is on his way home to post about it.

Cu Roi has scanned what he found in the park.

Front: Back:

Scdgoofy uploads the video of himself and Cu Roi finding the clue.

Youtube cassieiswatching changed description on the "When I Get To The Bottom Where I Stop" video to: "I SEE YOU AGAIN"

Cutouts of the Bible page spelled out: "Call 213 399 5274" which led to this Voice Message: (NO LONGER A WORKING LINK, however pcxl uploads a video of the audio to YouTube: It turns out that the message was edited to sound as though it was Cassie's story. The caller's name was not "Cassie." Here was the original, unedited call:

- Scdgoofy uploads another video of him walking the path seen in Cassie's video.

- The official Lonelygirl15 Creators deny being part of the "cassieiswatching" project.

September 18, 2006:

- Some people who called the voicemail receive a call from 213 399 5274, and discover a eerie second voicemail, apparently a gamejack from someone who figured out Cassie's security code. The audio comes from certain lg15/Danielbeast videos, mixed with voicemail messages left by lg15 forum members the night before.

September 21, 2006:

pcxl uploads video synchronized with the lg15/Danielbeast videos from which the audio was taken.

—"between the virgin and the beast" image—discussion on the interpretation of the above poem

Ironically, CodesInto Serapis also anagrams to "Epic disaster soon!"

On Sept 27, cassieiswatching logged on to YouTube and changed her channel description:


codes into serapis



MD5DQ was the tinyurl for the poem image

dear bye = be ready

strife bit the sign = it begins the first

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